Symptoms and causes for blocked drains

What are the early symptoms of a blocked drain?

There are many symptoms you can easily recognise that there may be an issue with your drains or sewers.

  • Odours from drainsUnpleasant odours. Do you notice a foul or unpleasant smell from your plug holes?  This is caused by a build up something that is decomposing in your outlet pipes.  It might be food from your kitchen sinks that has become blocked and starting to build up.  It can be more noticeable when you turn on the taps hoping to clear the odour.  The same can happen from showers or baths where bodily hair can build up in the drain.  Odours is often one of the earliest symptom of a blockage and will often occur before any of the other symptoms occur.
  • Raised toilet water levels.  When you flush the toilet and the water level rises higher than usual and takes a longer time to lower.  There is certainly a blockage developing and it will not improve.  If it does deteriorate further than there is a danger of overflowing and the obvious health concerns.
  • Slow draining.  If water is slow to drain then this indicates a blockage is developing as water has to bypass or filter through the blockage.
  • Gurgling sounds. Such sounds also indicate a blockage developing.  Air is being trapped and running water causes the air to escape.
  • Localised issue.  If any of the above only apply to just one outlet like a sink then you may be lucky and that the issue is localised to one area.  If a sink with a u-bend then that is the first place to check for blockage and can be easily cleared yourself or by a plumber.
  • Related issues.  If the symptoms are not just in one area then it is a clear indicator of a blockage.  Changes to the water level in the toilet when running taps from other outlets is a good example.

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Causes of blockages in drains?

There are many causes of blockages in a drain.  Whilst some are more serious than others, the end result is the same in that if you have a blocked drain then it needs to addressed as soon as possible.

  • Tree roots in drain inside homeLarge tree root blocking drainTree roots.  The worst case scenario in Canada for serious blockages.  It can all start as a small crack in an underground drain or sewer pipe which will quickly attract tree roots to invade, and grow, and grow, until your whole pipe is totally blocked.  We have seen instances where the root has even actually become visible inside the home.  Clearing tree roots can be handled by various methods.  After inspection, which can often include a camera survey, then options include a rooter service,  high pressure water jets,  a trenchless repair,  or in the worst case a full excavation of the drain.  At Rooter Service Canada we can often offer a trenchless sewer replacement system which eliminates the requirement to tear up your front yard in order to replace your sewer. This not only saves your yard but also saves you money.
  • Grease and fat build up.  A slow build up of grease in your drains can be caused by disposing of grease and fat in your kitchen sink, certain food waste, and also from soap.  Traditional soap bars can often contain grease and fat.
  • Foreign objects.  Small foreign objects flushed down the toilet can cause a blockage, and one which may attract others causes to cluster around them.  We have found small childrens toys blocked in drains.  Bin it don’t flush it!
  • Food waste.  Food waste can easily cause blockages, especially as food waste may contain grease and fats.
  • Hair.  Another of the major causes of blockages as hair can clog and attract other causes such as grease to form a blockage.  Shower units should have guards to prevent hair going down the drain and should be regularly cleared.

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